Bathing & Toileting Aids

Swan City Mobility has on hand a large selection of Bath & Toileting Aids. We have clamp on tub bars, several styles and different configurations to meet any need. Wall mounted grab bars, all with rotating flanges for easy installation. They come in many lengths from 12" to 32". Bath mats with built in thermometers. No need for guess work or "elbow" testing. There are all kinds of raised toilet seats (RTS). From 2" to 6", with lid or without, bolt down or clamp on, with arms or without. Speaking of toilet seat arms, you can buy those separate as well. We have several types to chose from. We have bath stools, bath chairs, swivel bath stools, bath boards and transfer benches. You can get them with padding or without. There are many styles of commodes as well; wheeled or stationary, bariatric, portable and all are adjustable. Ask about AADL subsidies and as always if we don't have it we can get it in for you.

Daily Living Aids Transfer Chairs

Tub Transfer Chairs

Mobility Aids Tub safety Rail

Tub Safety Rails

Mobility Aids Bath Chair

Bath & Shower Chairs

Mobility Aids Shower Stool

Swivel Tub & Shower Stool

Mobility Aids Bath Board

Bath Board

Daily Living Aids Grab Bars

Grab Bars

Mobility Aid Elevated Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat

Daily Living Aids Elevated Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat

Daily Living Aids Commodes


toileting aids

Toilet Safety Rails

Mobility Aid Safety Pole

Safety Transfer Pole

Daily Living Aids Sqatty Potty

Original Squatty Potty