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Home Medical Supplies are becoming ever more popular. As we strive to stay in our own homes as long as possible, the need for medical supplies increases. We have a great selection of institutional supplies. The same supplies used by hospitals and care facilities and at prices that will surprise and please you. Our stock of Home Medical Supplies continues to grow.  We have Abdominal Pads, Alcohol Wipes, Hand Sanitizers Sween Creams, Waterless shampoo caps, Ready Baths, Incontinence supplies of all kinds and so much more. We will continue to add to our current line with such things as Stethoscopes, Blood Sugar Monitors and many other Home Medical Items. Please call to see if what you need is on our shelves. If it is not, we will get it.

Medical Supplies thermometers


Med Supplies hot/cold packs

Hot/Cold Packs

Medical Supplies BP Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

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Bed Alarm

Home Medical Supplies

Incontinence Supplies

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Pill Crusher