Daily Living Aids




Daily living aids are exactly as the name says. Items to make daily tasks easier. Pride often gets in the way of using DLAs. Don't let that stop you. We all use tools for things we are unable to do alone. If I was 7 feet tall I wouldn't need a ladder to change the light bulbs, but I'm not 7 feet tall so I use a ladder. Job gets done quickly, easily and safely. Same with daily living aids.  Our stock of daily living aids grows continually. We have dressing sticks, shoehorns, zipper pulls and button hooks, elastic shoe laces, jar openers, knob turners, grip cups, nosey cups, arthritis friendly cutlery and prep knives, stocking aids, hygiene aids, day minder clocks, pill box alarms, one hand scissors, night lights, talking clocks, night light and talking clock in one, scoop plates, freedom alerts, long handled combs and sponges,  and the list goes on and on. If we do not have an item you need we can get it.


daily living aids dressing stick

Dressing Stick

daily living aids dressing stick 2

Dressing Stick

daily living aids shoehorn

T-Handled Shoehorn

daily living aids shoehorn 2

Metal Shoehorn w/ Spring

Daily living aids cutlery

Arthritis Cutlery

daily living aids knives

Easy Grip Knives

daily living aids knob turner

Knob Turner

daily living aids jar opener

Jar Opener

daily living aids doorknob extender

Doorknob Extender

daily living aids doorknob extender 2

Dooknob Extender

daily living aids swivel seat

Swivel Seat

Daily living aids sock aid

Sock Aid

daily living aids stocking aid

Stocking Aid