Walking Aids





We try to stock unique canes so not only do you get one that meets your needs, it also suits your personal tastes.  We are anticipating a line of hand made and fancy canes in the near future. Following is a description of some of the canes in stock now.



Quad Cane Mobility

Quad Cane

We have Quad Canes with both large and small bases to assist in your personal mobility.



Mobility Aids mini-quad cane

Mini-Quad Cane

You will also find the "Mini-Quad".  It has specially designed grip pads for stability in most conditions. It is much lighter and more compact than a regular Quad Cane.



Mobility Aids Claw Cane

The "Claw" Cane

The "CLAW" Cane has an unique tip that flexes for added grip and stability. A small profile but still able to stand on it's own.



Mobility Aids Canes


Regular tipped canes of varying types


We have a large selection of walkers and a growing selection of accessories. They come with or without wheels on the front and with regular sliders or skis on the back. Other options and configurations are available.




Mobility Aids Bariatric Walker


Two button folding Bariatric walker



Mobility Aids Tall Walker

Tall Walker

One button folding Tall walker with wheels



Mobility Aids Paddle Walker

Paddle Release Folder

Regular folding walker with paddle release


We have on hand some of the best built Rollators on the market. Swan City Mobility is always looking for the newest innovations to bring in and present to our customers.



Mobility aids ultra-light rollator


The Ultra-Light is self-explanatory. Folds easily for compact storage and transportation.



Mobility Aids Rollator Storage


There are numerous storage options and configurations to chose from.



We have wider,

Bariatric Rollator

Wider Frames, Greater Weight Capacity



Mobility Aid tall Rollator


Extra-Tall Rollator for the comfort and safety of taller individuals

Mobility Aids Fusion

As a Rollator

The Fusion is a well built, stylish rollator...


Mobility Aids Fusion Chair

As a Transport Chair

That becomes a Transport Chair!













Mobility Aids Rollators

A Wide Variety of Rollators

We try very hard to have something for everyone.


Swan City Mobility provides crutches of all types and sizes. Just let us know what you need.

Mobility Aids Crutches


We have Youth, Adult & Bariatric crutches. Standard and Forearm.