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We try to stock unique canes so not only do you get one that meets your needs, it also suits your personal tastes.  We are anticipating a line of hand made and fancy canes in the near future. Following is a description of some of the canes in stock now.



Quad Cane Mobility

Quad Cane

We have Quad Canes with both large and small bases to assist in your personal mobility.



Mobility Aids mini-quad cane

Mini-Quad Cane

You will also find the "Mini-Quad".  It has specially designed grip pads for stability in most conditions. It is much lighter and more compact than a regular Quad Cane.



Mobility Aids Claw Cane

The "Claw" Cane

The "CLAW" Cane has an unique tip that flexes for added grip and stability. A small profile but still able to stand on it's own.



Mobility Aids Canes


Regular tipped canes of varying types


We have a large selection of walkers and accessories at the best prices.


Paddle release walker

The paddle release walker is one of our most popular. With or without wheels, simpy squeeze the paddles up to fold. Light weight and colorful!

aluminum walker

We carry one and two  button walkers and all kinds of accesories. Swivel wheels, push down brakes, glides, slides, bags, arm platforms and more.

HD Walker

The Bariatric Walker is wider and of heavier construction. Special designed wheels are available as well.

Hemi walker

Swan City Mobility also has available many types of specialty walkers. The Side walker is an alternative to the regular walker providing excellent one-hand stability.

Knee Walker

The Knee Walker is designed as an alternative to crutches after a break or surgery to a foot or ankle.


We have on hand some of the best built Rollators on the market. Swan City Mobility is always looking for the newest innovations to bring in and present to our customers.





The Evolution Trillium has quickly become the most chosen Rollator at our store. Padded seat, wide back strap with cut out for visibility, offset rear wheels for greater stability and just 14 pounds are a few of this walkers great features.



The Xpresso Lite CF is an extremely popular choice with therapists. No cables to catch, plenty of accessories, including oxygen tank holders, and weighing only 15 pounds make this walker a favorite.



A short wheel base walker with seat heights from 17 - 23 inches. The Piper is perfect for tight spaces. Weighs in at 13 pounds.



With a deep seat and available in Wide and Low-Wide models The Challenger is a great Bariatric option.

We carry a full line of Airgo Rollators. The eXcursion comes with a wide back rest, comfy sling seat and weighs 15.4 pounds. Click the pic above to see the full line.

The stylish Drive Nitro stands out in the crowd. With 10 inch front wheels, adjustable back support height and wide back rest, the Nitro is always a good choice.

At only 12.6 pounds the Handi-Lite is an excellent choice if you are loading your rollator into a vehicle on a regular basis. See Ovation's other models by clicking above.

The Airgo Fusion is a 4 wheel walker and a transport chair in one. Regular 4 wheel walkers are not designed to be used as transport chairs. Damage to the front forks and/or bearings is common when a walker is used in this manner.  There is also the very real danger of personal injury due to the front wheel assembly breaking or the walker tipping over. The Airgo Fusion is designed specifically to overcome these short falls in a regular walker. With a couple quick, easy adjustments, the walker becomes a fully functioning transport chair.

4 wheel walkers


Swan City Mobility provides crutches of all types and sizes. Just let us know what you need.

Mobility Aids Crutches


We have Youth, Adult & Bariatric crutches. Standard and Forearm.