Adaptive Clothing

We have a nice selection of adaptive clothing in breathable fabrics. From undergarments to night wear to everyday and dress wear. This clothing is fashionable and attractive. No one will know its adaptive. We also carry the Alzheimer's one piece outfits in both men's and ladies fashions. Check out some examples below and then stop in to see them for yourself!

Adaptive clothing house coat


Split Back clothing

Housecoat Back

adaptive clothing dress


Split Back Clothing Dress

Dress Back

Adaptive Clothing Cardigan


Split Back Cardigan

Cardigan Back

Split Back Blouse


Adaptive Blouse

Blouse Back

adaptive suit


Split Back Suit

Suit Back

adaptive clothing

Day Wear

Split Back Clothing

Day Wear Back

split back mens wear

Men's Tops

adaptive mens wear

Men's Tops Back

split back mens clothes

Men's Wear

Adaptive Shirt

Magnetic Closures

Adaptive Clothing Underwear


Living Aids Hhip protector

Hip Protectors


Open Toe Slipper


Womens Slipper

footwear slippers

Edema Slipper

footwear slippers

Edema Slipper

slipper footwear

Casual Slipper

slipper footwear

Fancy Casual Slipper


Adaptive Shoe

Shoe open

Adaptive Shoe Open

adaptive black shoe

Stylish Black Shoe

Adaptive shoes

Brown Loafer