Home Medical Supplies

Home Medical Supplies are becoming ever more popular. As we strive to stay in our own homes as long as possible, the need for medical supplies increases. We have a great selection of institutional supplies. The same supplies used by hospitals and care facilities and at prices that will surprise and please you. Our stock of Home Medical Supplies continues to grow. Please call to see if what you need is on our shelves. If it is not, we will do our best to get it.

Sween Cream


We regularly stock many creams and ointments including the popular Sween Creams. Although we do not stock them, we can order in specialty wound care products as well; such as the Tegaderm group of products, Allevyn, Acticoat, Adaptic, Opsite, Mepore, Aquacel, Polyem and many more.  Most are available in one or two days. Call us for all your wound care needs.

Blood Pressure Cuff


There is always a Blood Pressure Monitor or two on the shelf. If you require something a little more advanced we can bring you in a WelchAllyn BP Cuff or even an entire Vital Signs Monitor just like the one at the Doctor's office. Also available are thermometers, oximeters, stethoscopes etc. Special orders generally take a week or less.


Swan City Mobility carries a good assortment of exercise and rehab products and, as always, we have access to much more. There are Thera Products: bands, balls, and putty, finger and hand exercisers, shoulder exercisers, peddlers, TENS machines, balance devices, hot and cold packs and pads, heat and cold rubs and sprays, rehab cushions and pillows and the list goes on. Not all products are instore all the time but none are far away if you need them and the price is always right.

Rehab exerciser
Heat Therapy
Traanscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
Exeercise Products


We carry a wide variety of post op equipment and supplies. We have everything you need after Hip or Knee surgery. Don't buy a pre-selected "Hip Kit", come see us. We'll get you what you need for your own personal lifestyle and save you money in the process. We have a large selection of reachers, dressing sticks and shoe horns, elastic laces, long handled sponges, hip cushions, knee wedges, coccyx cushions, prostate cushions, lumbar pillows, & positioning wedges. There are knee walkers, post-op shoes, perching stools, tub safety rails, bath stools and even a specialty raised toilet seat to help keep the proper angle of your hip or knee. Call or stop in to find out more.

Post op shoe
Stocking Donner
Long Handled Shoe Horn
Personal care stick
Post op RTS
Medical Supplies
Arm Sling
Medical Supplies


From Tensor Bandages to custom made High End Bracing, let us help you get the support you need. As demand for these products grows, so does our inventory. We are a supplier for Aircast, Procare and all of the DonJoy family of products. For a better idea of the many products available please click here. At the moment we have a small selection of braces, binders and slings but that selection is growing. Call us to see if we have what you need.