Need Help?
Short Term Care -> For you

Have you recently hurt yourself? Had a surgery?
We work directly with WCB and can help you with insurance company requirements to make sure you are taken care of and get what you need.

If something is not covered, we offer Rentals on a wide range of items throughout the store and can special order in any item you may need. 

We may ask you questions about your height or weight depending on what you require. We may ask you, for example, the height of your toilet if you require a raised toilet seat. Any additional information about the space will help us find what you need for a speedy recovery.

Short Term Care -> For Someone Else

Shopping for someone else can be daunting, but we will assist you in finding what you need for your loved one, just as we would for you.

We have a huge selection of items in store to make life easier. We also offer a wide range of rental equipment and we can help you access the government programs that are available .  

We may ask you questions about the height or weight of your dependent, knowing their sizes and requirements will help you find the best item for their care. 

Feel free to call ahead of time, send us a note or set a time if you have any questions.

Long Term Care -> For You

Do you have a list from Home Care or your doctor? 

We work with a wide range of Suppliers and can special order in items if we do not already have it in store. 

If you are looking at a large item, such as a lift chair or bed, we do offer delivery and installation and have worked with many Long Term Care Facilities in the area.

Long Term Care -> For Someone Else

Are you in a position of care-giver to a loved one and have no idea where to start? Just ask us! With years of experience in Long Term Care and home care equipment, Swan City Mobility is a judgement free zone that will help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently solve problems and provide the correct care.  

Bring in the lists, questions, photos and anything else you have so that we can find what they need while educating on what happens. 

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